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Do you want to feel excited and confident about childbirth?

Want to feel strong and empowered by the birth of your baby, however they come into this world?

Perhaps you are nervous about birth.

You may have heard about or already suffered a traumatic birth.

You might feel that there just has to be a better way to birth, a more positive way.

You make the best decisions for yourself and your baby.

When you have prepared with the evidence-based Positive Birth Program, you will be empowered with the knowledge, support, tools and techniques that you need to achieve your positive birth.

Take away your fear and allow yourself to enjoy and relax through the remainder of your pregnancy and your birth.

It’s time to feel excited and confident about the day you meet your baby!

Newborn photo

My birthing experience

Read about the day that I met my baby, Lincoln, with:

  • Induction at 37 weeks;
  • Cholestasis;
  • 7 hours of active labour;
  • Using the tools and techniques from the Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program;

I do not describe my expereince as “painful”.

Lincoln’s birth was THE MOST PROUD I have ever felt of myself!

I would absolutely do it again in a heartbeat!


Ready to start your journey towards your positive birth?


“A small investment for an exceptional experience!
Edriana’s positive birth program is a thorough, research-based education program that goes far beyond a first impression of what ‘hypnobirthing’ may entail.
My husband and I, having already undertaken a fair amount of research, learnt so much about the physiological aspects of pregnancy, labour and birth as well as the human psyche and it’s capabilities.
This has really empowered us to understand the process of birth and therefore not be frightened or intimidated by it.
The course has an excellent mix of slides, thoughtful meditation, conversation and videos, which are supported by the booklet and online course materials.
Edriana herself is excellent at explaining all facets of the program, and we felt totally comfortable discussing all manner of topics with her.
Frankly, you’d be mad to not educate yourself with the tools in this program which may end up being the difference between having a positive birth (which you remember with joy) or not.
As we’ve learned, hypnobirthing is not about a certain way of having a baby, it’s about how to empower yourself to be calm and positive no matter what happens during your labour and birth.
For my husband and I, any apprehension about birth has been replaced with excitement and anticipation.
Totally, totally worth the investment.”
– Holly, Hypnobirthing Mum
Hypnobirthing Practitioner

As a Certified Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM Practitioner, Adelaide mum and BPsych(hons) graduate who has recent personal experience with this hypnobirthing course, you can trust that I will provide you with the unique tips and tricks to make this program work for you.

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Hypnobirthing Australia Certified Practitioner
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