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As you may have already seen, I’m Edriana and I want to help you experience your best pregnancy, birth and life beyond.

I am an Adelaide mum who graduated from Flinders University in 2012. I studied a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Diploma of Language (French). During high school and uni, I had a lot of casual and part time jobs, ranging from Swimming Instructor to ABA Therapist to Barista. Then, I worked full-time in Workers Compensation for almost 5 years before the birth of my son Lincoln.

I’m also a wife. I got married just after I turned 21 years old; when you know, you know. My husband is very supportive of my dreams; he was actually the person who convinced me to become a certified Hypnobirthing Australia TM Practitioner. He knows first hand how passionate I am about positive birth and probably thought he’d get a break from hearing about it if I had a new audience haha.

My dream is that, as a society, we become better at supporting families through the sacred time of pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Right now, we have a lot of work to do. I’m starting by sharing the Hypnobirthing Australia TM Positive Birth Program TM as I believe this is a great start for families and will reduce the number of women who suffer traumatic birth experiences. Mothers should never be made to feel like they are unheard, broken, or like they failed. Mothers should be able to transition into their new lives as a mum (to one, or two, or three etc.) feeling like the strong, magical, and courageous goddess that they are!

If there is anything you think I can do to help more families, let me know! If you want to help by collaborating in some way, let me know!

Edriana xx

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