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Hazel is a Clinical Nutritionist with a special interest in fertility, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition. She also a Mumma to a beautiful girl plus one on the way.

Business Name:

Natural Health by Angelica-Hazel but I work with the amazing Naturopath Lee-Ann Fitzpatrick at Naturally You Health.




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Instagram @naturallyouhealth

Instagram @angelica_hazel_nutrition

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Soul Movement Studio, 49 McIntyre Road, Para Hills West

Currently all nutrition and naturopathy appointments are conducted over the phone.

What do you do?

I am a clinical nutritionist and have completed further training in fertility awareness education. I assist women to understand their body’s natural rhythms better so that they are able to use this knowledge for contraception purposes or to optimise timing to conceiving a baby. I am an advocate of using food as medicine and educating clients how they can customise their diet to optimise their health.


I got into this field by completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) followed by a postgraduate course in Natural Fertility Education. I have a huge passion for women’s health, especially the preconception to post partum period. I am a mama to a beautiful little girl and have another baby on the way. After going through the journey of becoming a mother I found myself drawn to helping other women to have a positive healthy experience during this time.

What does a typical appointment with me look like?

An initial appointment runs for 75 minutes and delves deep into your case history including past medical history, personal health goals, genetic history, diet, lifestyle and the reason for your visit. From this information a comprehensive personalised treatment plan will be created and if necessary practitioner grade supplements or further testing will be recommended. I also offer a specific consultation for breastfeeding mums looking at transitioning their babies onto solid foods. This consultation takes 90 minutes and involves a full case history for both mother and baby with the purpose of optimising nutrition for both the mother and the child and or assisting with any feeding difficulties which might be occurring.

Fertility consultations also run for 90 minutes and combine nutritional medicine with fertility awareness education to prepare the body for a health pregnancy.

What are the 3 most common problems/complaints you encounter with pregnant and new mums?

·      Post partum depletion

·      Lack of understanding regarding nutrition in pregnancy  

·      Women wanting to loose weight post baby

3 tips for pregnant and new mums?

·      Don’t be afraid to ask for help

·      Trust your own instincts

·      Sometimes you need to fill up your own cup first. As mums we will give our children everything and leave ourselves in a state of depletion. By nourishing ourselves we are also nourishing our children and in turn teaching them the importance of self care.

3 Things About Myself

·      I have an obsession with travel and love nothing more than visiting new places, going on adventures and finding out about different cultures.

·      I am a diploma qualified pilates instructor

·      I own an organic tea company called Saha Botanica where I hand blend organic tea for health benefits

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