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Kate Henry is a Qualified Physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Health. Below she shares some insight into her life and business ūüôā

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Kate Henry, Physiotherapist



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Business location

49 McIntyre Road Para Hills West & Telehealth Consults also available (even once COVID-19 restrictions are gone!) 

What do you do?

I am a Physiotherapist who works in women’s health helping pregnant women, post natal women and women who suffer from pelvic pain to move and feel better!¬†


I went straight from University into the women’s health field and have been working in this field for just over 5 years now. I was inspired to enter this field because of my mum actually. Her journey through three pregnancies, three kids, returning to sport and running again absolutely inspired me and made me realise how much of a need there was for Physiotherapists with extensive knowledge in this area to support women through that journey. 

What does a typical appointment/session/class with you look like? 

That depends on what the appointment is for! A typical Physiotherapy session involves a detailed history of your presenting issue, your exercise and health history, your goals, your injuries or setbacks that you’re experiencing and then planning on how to best support you to get stronger and to live your best life! These sessions are typically in my clinic but now can be also done via Telehealth depending on the presenting issue. 

What are the 3 most common problems/complaints you encounter with pregnant and new mums?

The three most common issues I see are: abdominal separation postpartum, back and hip pain during pregnancy and grumpy upper back/shoulders from breastfeeding/carrying/holding etc in new mums! These issues are SO common that they probably make up about 70% + of the clients that I see! 

What are your 3 best tips for pregnant and new mums?

1) Be kind to yourself – there are a lot of changes that occur during the pregnancy and postpartum periods and sometimes this can be overwhelming. 

2) Listen to your body – this is important during pregnancy as well as postnatal; now is not the time to be putting too much pressure on yourself; move often, move well, if you’re in pain see a physio, if you need to rest, rest. Growing and caring for a human being is hard work so be kind to yourself mumma. 

3) Seek help from experienced professionals – it makes such a difference to see a Physiotherapist who has done extra training and experience in managing women’s health conditions like pelvic girdle pain, abdominal separation, etc. 

Share 3 things about yourself

These kinds of questions I always find hard to answer so I’ll go with just some general life facts that are seperate from my Physio life! 

1) I love the great outdoors Рhiking, camping, long nature walks Рit restores my soul!

2) I have a slight obsession with almond milk chai lattes and

3) I adore having flowers in my house! 

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