International Childbirth Education Week 2020

Leap ahead with childbirth education

January 25th – 31st 2020

I am proud to be a Childbirth Educator!

This week is all about celebrating childbirth education. It is the inaugural year and this year the theme is “Leap Ahead with Childbirth Ed”!

proud to be a childbirth educator

I became a childbirth educator for YOU!


Because, I want you to have the best birth possible. I know first-hand (watch my birth story here) that a great experience comes from great education and support; and I truly believe that the Hypnobirthing Australia TM Positive Birth Program is the best childbirth education available!

start out right with childbirth education

Benefits you may experience from childbirth education:

  • Less anxiety and fear surrounding childbirth
  • Feeling more confident and knowledgeable about childbirth
  • Increased likelihood of vaginal delivery
  • Feeling more confident in your care choices and the process of providing informed consent
  • Better understanding of pain management strategies
  • Greater skill set for childbirth
increases chance of vaginal birth

Regardless of which type of childbirth education you decide is right for you, I greatly encourage completing quality childbirth education before giving birth. Whether it is with myself, another Hypnobirthing Australia TM Practitioner, a Hypnobirthing Mongan Method Instructor, Calmbirth Educator, Shebirths Educator, other antenatal specialist, or whoever else, it’ll be one of the best investments you’ll make.

To all the childbirth educators out there – this week is to celebrate the empowerment and joy that we assist mothers in experiencing – THANK YOU!

Find out more about the Positive Birth Program HERE.

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