Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program Review

“✨Beautiful pregnant Ladies I highly recommend this course it changed my entire view on child birth✨

I have to share this guys!

Sorry it’s a long one!

Rob and I did a Hypnobirthing course split over 2 Sunday’s the past couple of weeks.

Like many I was initially sceptical and thought it was a load of crap 💩 but my midwife assured me it’s amazing and let me tell you she’s not wrong!

I walked out the first class feeling prepared and excited so much of my fear and anxiety just disappeared!

Rob did an amazing job and really surprised me he is going to make an amazing birth partner I am so proud of him!!

There is so much misinformation around child birth and we are made to feel like we have to birth a certain way and often when your told a pregnancy and birth story people tell you to take “all the drugs” infact id say 80% of birth stories were negative when told to me which made me lose so much confidence in my ability as a woman to birth my baby naturally on my own.

And I know what most of you are thinking “you’ve never had a baby you don’t know” and probably have a giggle to yourself which is fine 🙂

I am also aware that an emergency can occur and throw a spanner in the works even still you can use hypnobirthing techniques!

What I do know is that women have been birthing babies for hundreds of years and over time the stigma of pain has been attached to child birth which is why sadly now majority of people opt for either a C-Section or drugs without having faith in themselves at all or even being prepared to give it a go and work them selves into a sea of panic, stress and fear before anything has even happened!

People in emergency and defence are trained and conditioned to be a certain way infact we all are! It’s the equivalent of me going “I can’t do this hair cut I’m scared I might stuff up etc” before I’ve even done it which is ridiculous!! We are taught skills and strategy’s our brains are rewired to have faith in ourselves and know we are competent in our craft so why should birthing be any different??

My educator Edriana was induced and had complications in her birth and still practiced hypnobirthing and rocked it 👌🏻

You can use these tools in every day life and with any form of birthing as well but my hope is to give women what I was just given the ability to believe in myself and my body after all that’s why I’m designed to do!

I will share my experience once the baby is born in Jan and be open and honest as to how using my new skills went but to be honest if all I end up using is the skills I was taught to believe in myself and have the anxiety and fear go away I consider it time and money well spent ♥️♥️”

From Sam

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