Blooming in Adelaide – Lactation Consultant Profile

Rebecca Kubenk, Lactation Consultant & Orofacial Myolgist in Adelaide, shares some insight below into her profession.

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Business Name: Blooming in Adelaide

Website: www.bloominginadelaide.com.au

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Business Location: Adelaide North East, but offer home visits

What do you do?

Lactation Consultant – assist breastfeeding  mothers with their feeding challenges

Orofacial Myologist – assist families with oral dysfunction, breathing & sleep disordered breathing

Placenta Artist – encapsulate placentas for new mumma’s so they have a healthier fourth trimester


After the birth of my multiples, I found there was little support for mumma’s, and whilst I was a full time mum, having left my job working as a Legal Personal Assistant, I began to research how I could achieve my breastfeeding goals, which eventually led me to further study.

What does a typical appointment with you look like?

One to one with my client at their home or via Telehealth

What are the 3 most common problems/complaints you encounter with pregnant and new mums?

  1. Being dismissed by their primary health care provider
  2. Lack of confidence in their role as a mother
  3. Child who does not sleep

What are your 3 best tips for pregnant and new mums?

  1. Trust your instincts
  2. Reach out for help
  3. Be kind to yourself

Share 3 things about yourself.

  1. Mumma of four earthside humans, including twins
  2. Mumma of an angel born sleeping
  3. Pay it forward and you will be happier in life
  4. I also have an online shop where I have products to support breastfeeding mumma’s

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