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Pregnant mum and dad

Do you want to feel excited and confident about childbirth?

Do you want to feel strong and empowered by the birth of your baby?

Are you a first time Mum or Dad who wants the best for the birth of your baby?

Are you nervous about childbirth and want to feel more relaxed and confident?

Have you heard a traumatic birth story and feel that there just has to be a way to have a more positive birth?

Or have you already suffered a traumatic birth and need your next birth to be healing?

Whoever you are, I feel you!

You are why I am here.

I’m Edriana. I’m an Adelaide mum and BPsych(hons) graduate who has recent personal experience with this exact hypnobirthing course.

I’ve become a Certified Hypnobirthing AustraliaTM Practitioner because I want to help you on this sacred journey.

Please have a look through this website to see how I can help and connect with me to have a chat.



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